Upholstery Cleaning


upholstery cleaningGreasy stains, makeup stains, coffee stains? We get it! Do you want the best? Well, then you are the right place. All Carpets Cleaned services cover the entire London. We offer expert upholstery cleaning services for both residential and commercial purposes. The eco-friendly products we use to make sure that your furniture will not only look great but also as if you just bought it. Our cleaning company has years of experience behind its back with over 15 000 happy customers. They chose us not only because we offer great service but also because of our benefits:

  • Free surveys on site
  • Professional Prochem certified equipment
  • Affordable prices

So if you want to rely on someone that offers a customer support and will not leave you alone in this fight. Just give us a call at  02034045103 and we will set you up for a day and time that’s best suited for your purposes.


Dry Upholstery Cleaning


Dry cleaning is designed for when the upholstery is made from materials that are not well suited for water treatment. Like for example when they are suede, velvet or from any other delicate materials. In these cases, powder and spray like products are brought to use. We begin by inspecting and testing the textile of the furniture in order to determine the exact materials from which it is made. The technician then uses relevant detergents on stains or dirt patches. Then in use comes a powerful solvent. Applied by a machine, the solvent comes out in high pressure. That way it is guaranteed that the solvent will get as deep as possible into the material. After that, the machine sucks out all the foam and with it, the dirt ingrained into the upholstery. It is a gentle enough process that does not harm the fibre. But it is also strong enough to provide us with great results.


Steam Cleaning


Our technicians pour hot or cold water into the machine and let the machine to reach a temperature high enough to produce steam. While that happens they use their time to pre-treat the stains, high traffic areas and dirt patches with proper detergents. We provide detergents for coffee, fruit, makeup and other stains if needed. When the machine has reached the required temperature the technicians get to work. The machine works by injecting and extracting hot steam into the upholstery. The process does not take long but is warned that the noise made from the machine is several times louder than that of a vacuum cleaner. Two-seated sofas will require around 1,40 to 2 hours to be completely steam cleaned and around 3 hours to dry out. If the upholstery is treated with Scotchgard it will take around 4-5 hours in order to completely dry.

Dry Foam Cleaning


That procedure begins with the technician brushing and vacuuming the entire upholstery. Then he uses a preconditioning spray to loosen up the dirt. A machine makes the special consistency of the foam. Then it is being carefully applied on the furniture. The foam itself requires around 10 minutes to harden. The machine comes with a powerful vacuum that is used to extract the crystallized foam. We take extra care not to over wet the material. It takes approximately 1 hour to dry.


Leather Upholstery Cleaning


Depending on the leather finish, our technicians apply the proper product. They will rub it gently into the leather, wipe it out and use deep conditioning formula to work into the leather.
As usual, our technicians begin by inspecting the upholstery. Doing that he determines in what condition the upholstery is and thus to what extent he will be able to clean it. To see how well the dirt will come off, the technician will use a small non-visible patch for testing purposes. For a few minutes, a foam leather cleaner is applied and left to absorb all the dirt. The technician will then use a small brush to brush the patch after that white cotton cloth is used to brush off everything.

When finished cleaning, a layer of leather rejuvenator is applied over the surface. That way the layer is locked. It takes around 1 to 2 hours for it dry out. When that happens the rejuvenator works as a protective layer. We provide different leather stain removers like ink for example.Not being protected by a rejuvenator we do not usually clean Mat leather. Our reasons are because it tears up easily and the constant change of colour.


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