1.    When I first contacted the company I was a bit skeptical. I have this real nice leather sofa. It is all great and cushy, so I wanted to only leave it in professional hands. When reading online about the way they do it. I got afraid of the testing part. It said that they will need a little spot to test their stuff on. Well let’s just say that luckily for them and me (my sofa to be precise), the job was really done in a professional way, no stains no nothing, just a satisfied customer and his sofa in the end.
2.    I have a toddler and you guessed it. The little kiddo decided to play painting in the living room. the carpet was his canvas for today’s masterpiece. And oh God what a masterpiece it was. Well at some point in the evening when I was talking with a friend of mine we got on the All Carpets Cleaned website and decided, well why not give it a try. Turns out the Technicians were well prepared for this kind of situation. They stayed for the most part of the day but did their job in a great way. Now I only wonder was the carpet that green before or am I imagining things?
3.    This New Years, we were having a party at home. At first, it was not going to be anything fancy. But well it is New Year’s so why not get pretty much passed out.
All is well we have our great time, but in the morning not only did the Headaches come. But we realized that someone decided to barf on the Sofa. Not to mention it was disgusting but it was also very hard to remove. So I went online and began searching for some tips or even help. That’s when I came across All Carpets Cleaned website.
After reading a bit I decided to use their services. The folks came and my oh my. It was like watching one of those movies with the outbreaks and what not. Anyway, these guys come in with their equipment. It all went like described. By just watching them in the first minutes I knew that the job would be done. Anyway, I went to get coffee (it took me a while). When I came home they were nearly finished. This became a really long review. In the end, I give them 9 out of 10.
4.    When my Grandmother passed, she left me this really old sofa. It was all nice and warm I remember I used to sit on it when I was a kid. I decided that sofa was going to be refreshed. So I went online and did my search. Didn’t take me long before finding All Carpets Cleaned. The Technician came and was really gentle while working on Grandmas sofa. Right now I am writing from that same Sofa and it’s really comfy not to mention it looks like brand new.
5.    Some friends of mine needed their carpets clean. So I showed them the Company and they decided to give it a try. They called booked a date and time. From what they told me everything was ok. The carpets were like brand new and with the air moving system it all was done for just two or three hours.
6.    I spilled some wine over my sofa while watching TV. Tried to remove it by myself with what Mom told me. The results were not so great so I gave a call to the company and a couple of days later they came for an inspection. We decided to use the Steam Cleaning service and it was great. Now the only thing is I am hesitant to drink wine on that Sofa.
7.    I don’t really remember where I read about the Company. A quick google search did the Job. I booked a couple of services (Steam and Dry cleaning for a carpet and a rug nothing fancy). They did the job and even gave me a discount. It’s a good company I strongly recommend it!
8.    A couple of weeks ago I decided to book a service. Turns out they were all full for the day. So I was going to search for another company. The lady on the other side (phone line) was nice and suggested the next day for me. It was not the best day for me because I had to go out of town (to visit some relatives). Then she told me there is a service for dropping off the keys and returning them later. Things went well when I came home the work was done. It was as if they haven’t been there it was really good.
9.    For a couple of weeks, I couldn’t sleep at night. At first, I thought it was from stress or something like that, but it turns out it was just some nasty bed bugs. So I went online to find out what can be done. I came across the Ultra Violet method and decided to give it a try. Found the company and ordered it. A couple of days later the Technician knocked on my door (he was 5 minutes late!). At first, it was strange and I felt like I was in a lab. When he finished I paid and that was that. The following night I slept like a baby (for about 15-16 hours it was a Saturday). I am thankful that they saved me from this situation. So if you are hesitating just give them a try, I don’t think you will regret it.
10.    When I went to college I rented this really nice flat. It was great, one bedroom, a living room and so on. I had this really big Sofa (you could get lost in it, the thing was so fluffy). So some months pass and I got stains on (from pizza, coffee, milk this kind of stuff). Then my Landlady decided to pay me a visit. She wasn’t satisfied from what she saw and gave me a week to either fix the sofa or pay it up. I began my research on companies and found out this one. The prices were nice and would really safe my effort of buying a new sofa. I booked a date and gave a call to my landlady that I had come up with a plan. She came the day the Technicians were there and observed their work. Well, nowadays she uses their services for her other flats around town.