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Need help with your everyday cleaning tasks? Or do you have some stains that are hard to remove? All Carpets Cleaned is here to help you. With our expert cleaning services, there is hardly anything we cannot do.

Be it an office or residential cleaning we are the people for hire. Our company is out here in London area to help our customers in almost any way possible. You are not alone. Remember that!


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  • Working on bank holidays and weekends
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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning


There are a couple of ways we do this. By using high pressured steam we remove dirt stains, dirt patches, grime and oil. Our Technicians do it by first removing everything that may be in their way of doing the job. During that time they wait for the machine to produce the steam. While that happens pre-treating the stains with the proper detergents is what they are busy with. They then use the machines powerful vacuum to suck out all the dirt and stains. Leaving the carpets to dry out means that their job is done.


Dry Cleaning


It’s a specially designed method used for when the materials from which the rug or upholstery are made from not so water resistant fabrics. It is more of a refreshing service than a cleaning one. After inspecting the fabrics to determine their composition the technicians will then pre-treat the stains, high traffic areas and dirt patches. And evenly distribute a special absorbing powder on the surface of the textile flooring. A special machine with lots of tiny brushes scrubs the powder deep into the rug. Then with the help of a vacuum machine they suck out the dirt and grime from it.


Hot Water Extraction


It is a procedure that we use on synthetic and woolen rugs. With a tiny nozzle, hot water is being streamed into the carpet with high enough pressure. The treated spot is simultaneously vacuumed thus leaving only 5% of the moisture into the rug or upholstery. With the use of detergents for coffee, fruit, makeup and other sorts of stains. We make sure that everything is cleaned.


Sofa and Upholstery


We begin by applying the needed stain removers. A powerful solvent is injected into the upholstery with the use of high pressure by a machine. That way it is made sure that it reaches deep enough into the sofa and upholstery. The machine then sucks out the solvent with all the dirt ingrained into the upholstery. It is a powerful method that does its job. But at the same time, it is a gentle one so none of the fabrics and materials is being injured.


Dry Foam for Sofas and Upholstery


After being brushed and vacuumed thoroughly a pre-conditioning spray is being used to loosen up all the dirt and stains in the sofa and upholstery. We take extra care not to over wet the materials. Foam is applied and when crystallized it is then vacuumed off. Thus the dirt is being removed from the fabrics.


Leather Sofa Cleaning


The company uses Prochem certified products for this service. According to the leather finish, our Technicians apply only what is needed. Foam leather cleaner is being used to absorb all the dirt from the upholstery. A rejuvenator is applied in order to create a protective layer above the surface. Leather stain removers for ink and crack fillers are available for use.


Suede Sofa Cleaning


We use a powerful liquid solvent for this service. The machine applies it using high pressure to the sofa. That way it will go deeper into the upholstery. In the end, the machine sucks out the solvent from the upholstery and with it the dirt as well.


Bed Bugs management


The process by which we do it is all natural, dry and chemical free. It destroys bacteria, fungal spores, dust mites, allergens and much more. We use an ultra-violet lamp do to do the job. The ultra-violet light harms the DNA blocks of the small organisms. Safe for humans it is deadly for bacteria and such. Our technicians pass over the bed with the lamp, ensuring that all parts of the mattresses are exposed for as much as possible. With a 72 hour residual effect, it continues to work long after our technicians have left the place.


 Bus Cleaning


We offer professional bus cleaning to our important corporate clients. The service is quick, efficient and totally environmentally friendly. The procedure includes hot water extraction cleaning of the seat belts and seats. Our professionals employ air-mover to speed up the drying process. The drying time for the places is between three and eight hours and it is best to keep few windows open until the seats have totally dried up. Floors get hoovered and cleaned with hot water extraction. Windows get sparkly clean from the within. Have in mind that to be able to carry out the service our expert specialists need entry to water and electricity within FIFTY meter.


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