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bed bug managementGet bed bug treatment at affordable prices! Wanting to clean up your mattress but don’t know what to do? We at All Carpets Cleaned are here to help you. Being a professional cleaning company we strive to give you only the best in bed bug treatment. Our cleaning services are suitable for bed bug removal from carpets and mattresses. We cover the entire London area, and serve both commercial and residential cleaning.

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Bed Bug management


When it comes to bed bug treatment there a couple of ways to do it. The one we prefer is the Dry Mattress Sanitation. It is an all-natural, dry and chemical free method. Harnessing the power of the Ultra Violet light, we successfully manage to sterilize your mattresses. The procedure effectively removes and destroys dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic organisms. They live on by feeding with dead human skin cells. Usually, an average bed contains well over 6 million of them. For the most part, they are harmless. But it is known that in rare cases they can cause: asthma, dust allergies, eczema, headaches, itchy red eyes and more. Here comes the Ultra Violet light to help us. Coming directly from the Sun.

Ultra Violet light is a great tool in our everyday business. Unfiltered UV light is a dangerous thing, but luckily most of it is absorbed by the ozone layer. With the right tools, everything can be done right. By emitting at low wavelengths. It is considered to have a germicidal effect. It is a both effective and safe way of our everyday life. It is being used in sterilization since the middle of the 20th century. You can find it used in air purification systems, water purification, and even hospital rooms sterilization. Nowadays more and more hotels are using it when it comes to cleaning rooms. By using intensified ultra-violet light lamps. Our technicians successfully do their job in sterilizing all surfaces. It takes around 2-10 seconds of exposure to successfully sterilize an area. By passing slowly over the area the technicians try to be as precise as possible.

Taking their time as needed they make sure that all the required area is covered.  When the Ultraviolet light hits the DNA of the germs, it damages and breaks it apart. Thus it halts their cell functions and reproduction, and in that way, it kills all kind of bacteria. Then with vibration and extreme suction, the machine removes all dust and debris from your mattresses.


Fast and Effective Procedure


This procedure is also suited for removing fungal spores, bacteria and other harmful debris found in the mattresses. Completely non-invasive this bed bug treatment is absolutely safe. With its completely portable system. No setup time needed, and taking fourteen to sixteen minutes to apply. Killing 99.9% of the exposed bacteria. This procedure is best suited for hotels, hostels, hospitals and everything that requires beds to be effectively cleaned with no time to waste.

Being a dry procedure, it means that there will be no moisture penetrating the surface. That means that there is no need to wait for the mattress to dry out. With no toxins involved, it is also completely chemical free. So no need to worry about any health issues that may come from it. The Ultraviolet light perfectly cleans everything. In the end, it is going to be much safer to sit on the bed than before.  With its seventy-two hours residual effect it actually continues to destroy allergens long after the procedure is complete. Because there are no bleaching agents in use, the Dry Mattress sanitization is completely a colour safe procedure. It also removes all odour inducing bacteria, so no need to worry about any kind of residual smell. And probably the best part, there is no need for the mattresses to be removed from the bed. Thus making this an almost effortless task. After being done, if required everything extracted from the mattresses can be shown to the customer.

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