About Us

carpet-cleaning-swSince our establishment in 2009 we in All Carpets Cleaned do our best to provide high-quality services in London area. During our years around we’ve made sure to give our customers the highest of quality and if possible high-tech services. We make sure that they will remain satisfied with the end result.

The use of the Prochem certified products has paid itself so many times. Being eco-friendly, child and pet safe the detergents we use are 100% safety certified. The mission that we have set our eyes on for the next couple of years is to expand and bring our services to as more clients as possible. With the growth of technology doing our best to train our staff is but a natural conclusion. Our vetted professionals know their job and work with determination to give the best service possible every time.


But it was not always like that


When the company first started there were just a handful of people with an idea. With small steps and a lot of effort trough out the years, things have gotten better and better. The first big thing that happened was when the company managed to get a second vehicle. It may not sound like much now, but back then it meant doubling the business. That way we were able to go twice as many customers. Of course, as everything we had our limitations. We had to work hard to achieve it all. Every week more and more customers booked services with us. Our workers did their best and here we are now.

Now everything All Carpets Cleaned uses is eco-friendly, Prochem certified, completely safe for you, your children, pets and plants. We strive to give the best affordable rates around. With many discounts. Did you know that if you order more than one service, you will get a discount of 15% from the total price?

We even do a completely free survey just to make sure that the best solutions can be given to our customers.  With the high-end fancy machines that we use our work is both more efficient and reliable. Thanks to that we can offer a service to any kind of carpet or upholstery there is. But that is not all thanks to the machines of course. Without the proper detergents and the right specialists, surely even a high-end machine will be useless. That’s right our biggest asset in the arsenal are the vetted professionals themselves. With their years of experience, they are among the best out there.

The hard work they do, consisting of even working overtime when needed, is the thing that skyrocketed us to where we are. So, that’s basically All Carpets Cleaned. A combination of hard working vetted professionals, that know really well what they do. The fancy high-end efficient machinery that’s brought to use by them. The variety of eco-friendly and completely safe detergents and solutions. And last but not least the customers. Because without them, there won’t be us.

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