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carpet cleaningDo you want to find out why All Carpets Cleaned is your best choice for residential and commercial rug cleaning? With the many expert rug cleaning services available we guarantee that you will be left amazed.

Our cleaning services do not only apply for the entire London but are also affordable, meaning that as many customers as possible can be left satisfied.


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Rug Steam Cleaning


The equipment consists of a Professional Steam Cleaning machine and detergents. The machine is capable of producing enough steam and injecting it into the material deep enough so that it can clean efficiently. All the detergents that our technicians use are only of the highest quality, ensuring that you will be left satisfied with the end result of our work. They consist of detergents for oil removal, coffee stains, milk stains, makeup stains and much more. After the equipment is carried inside, our technician begins his preparation. He first pours hot or cold water inside. The machine then heats up to high enough temperatures in order to produce steam.

While that happens the technician moves everything that may be in the way of doing his work. Of course, we are not talking about heavy wardrobes, beds and so on. Being alone the technician is not Superman. He does have his limitations. When the working ground is prepared he continues with inspecting the materials from which the Rug is made. That way he can use only the proper detergents and not damage the rugs. Done with that he pre-treats all stains, dirt patches, and high traffic areas. Around that time the machine is ready for action. He uses it to inject the steam into the carpet. When the steam enters the carpet it combines with the detergents. With the power of both of them, the dirt and grime are all combined and ready for removal. Using the machine again, he sucks out all of them. Leaving the rug with as little moisture as possible. Be mindful that the noise generated from the machine is much louder than that of a vacuum cleaner.

It takes up to 3 hours to dry out the rug. It is possible however to shorten that time by opening a window or two. If the customer requires it to be done even quickly an air moving system can be brought. The system speeds the dry out time up to 3 times. It takes 30 to 40 minutes in order to completely steam clean two rugs. If on the rug was applied Scotchgard it is going to take 4 to 5 hours to dry.


Dry Rug Cleaning


This method is specially designed for when the materials from which the rug is made are too delicate or not water resistant. That is why more gentle products like powder and sprays are being used. It is more a refreshing service than a cleaning one. Meaning that stains can’t be removed. So please keep that in mind.

The way we do it is but a common practice. Still, it requires high-quality products and some professional skills. In order to achieve the best of everything, we provide both. We begin by inspecting the fibers from which the rug is made. That way when determining the exact materials, we are able to decide what detergents are best suited for the job. After that, the technician continues with the use of the detergents by pre-treating all the stains, dirt patches, and high traffic areas. When the pre-treat is complete he evenly distributes on the rug the special absorbing powder.

A professional machine with lots of tiny brushes comes in use in order to scrub the powder into the rug. All the dirt and grime are attracted by it. Later on with the help of the powerful vacuum that the machine has. It is all sucked out.


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