Carpet Cleaning London


carpet cleaningGet carpet cleaning delivered by the industry leader All Carpets Cleaned. Who would refuse to have their domestic or commercial carpet perfectly cleaned and freshened up? And why not adding some nice aroma to your rug and restoring its bright shades? All of these is possible with our first-class carpet cleaning service in London. If you test it today, you will be happy with a revived and 100% hygienic carpet that looks as it has been just brought from the store… In addition to these, our professional carpet cleaning company offers you all of these bonuses:

  • Free surveys available on site
  • Fixed low-cost prices, no hidden charges
  • Free tip on carpet cleaning
  • Only eco-friendly methods and detergents are applied!

If you need to know more about our professional company and services or you are ready to entrust your carpets to use, simply dial this phone number 02034045103 either to make a reservation or to have a free of charge consultation. The kind and polite customer support representatives will give you all the details and will arrange a visitation by the experienced cleaners as soon as possible!


Who is Our Expert Cleaning Service Suitable for?


All Carpets Cleaned has specialized 10 years in professional and modern carpet cleaning services in London. This is why we can be confident when claiming that we have the right formula for any type of a carpet and the best germ-killing solution for any stain. We can remove organic and synthetic stains: including greasy spots, blood, coffee, tea, grass, mold, dirt, urine, vomit stains. Plus: the insured and vetted carpet cleaners accept all carpet and rug types of disinfection.

We can refresh and clean each and every type of carpets – from synthetic to Persian rugs. The service is suitable for manufactured and natural carpet owners, and we offer it for residential and commercial clients. Attention: our top rated carpet cleaning company has now full UK territory coverage: including London, South England.


The Secret to Successful Sanitizing


Regardless and depending on your carpet and rug type, the gifted carpet cleaners in London are fully equipped with the needed tools and machinery to give them full hygiene restoration, better smell, and a softer touch. What we do is to combine a series of cleaning steps to eventually reach perfect final outcome:

  • Inspecting the area for the material type, testing a little bit of the most appropriate detergent on the back side of the rug /carpet
  • Checking out the stains: evaluating how stubborn and old they are
  • Pre-treating a stain by using steam or by applying dry detergent and vacuuming
  • Effective stain removal
  • Eliminating dust and pet hairs
  • Preparing the rug / carpet for the overall cleaning
  • Bad odour removal + deodorizing
  • Applying air system to make the carpet dry faster – upon request

Choosing between dry foam cleaning and steam hot water extraction sanitizing. Dry cleaning is more suitable for delicate and natural materials. Today`s manufactured carpet producers, though, recommend the hot water extraction method.

Providing overshoes for 3 hours (maximum time for a carpet to become usable again, if steam cleaning is applied. When the technique is dry, the carpet is usable immediately!)
Scotchgard protector – upon request – to prevent new stains and dust.


Lean on the Expert Carpet Cleaners London


It is a big risk to make improvisations with your carpet by making your own home remedies or by applying commercial products you don`t know how suitable are for your carpet or rug. This is why learning on the experts in carpet cleaning  London is always the best and the smartest decision you can make. The experienced carpet cleaners have the right tools and skills to eliminate the grime. Plus – they are all insured, which gives your home or office carpets in safe hands! Make sure you do the right thing with your old rugs. And if you need some housekeeping help with Mattress Cleaning, Bed Bug Mattress Treatment, Curtain Cleaning, Drapery Cleaning, Blinds Cleaning, All Carpets Cleaned has a super special deal for you! Reserve any of these services with carpet cleaning and get a special loyal customer discount!


Book Efficient Carpet Cleaning Right Away!


To make a direct order for carpet cleaning service in London use the online booking form! Get a free quote by giving us a call on 02034045103! We would be glad to help you out as soon as possible!